What’s it all about?

When you look closely at the logo of this page, you’ll notice that it’s all a bit flou with the word black in the center surrounded by red words.

In my opinion, this reflects the situation, the reality or better the real situation of black humans in the world. Our focus in all we are and do is unclear whilst we are surrounded by the blood our people shed everyday.

In the churches we so often visit and where we so gladly worship, we have been taught that the Savior Jesus shed his precious Blood for us to become children of God, so that we won’t have to shed our own blood anymore to be free from all kinds of captivities, but still we shed our blood and sweat everyday to break the bondage and the yoke imposed on our lives.

Surely this work is not meant to cut alone any chains. It’s duty is to take part in the process that will lead generations to self-esteem and deliverance from mental oppression.

Is it optimistic? is it pessimistic? Is it pragmatic? It is all of that, sometimes optimistic other days pessimistic or pragmatic. It will fluctuate the same way our happiness is never guaranteed. We are forced on the streets to face optimism, pessimism and pragmatism everyday.

Most of the times we will be discouraged, but the color on the blood on our rights and lefts will always keep us going.

And that’s what this work is about, light, heavy, too difficult, too easy. But never impossible. Always gathering the same suffering souls for the tribute of the victory we will all be proud of.